OTO WBV-3000
  • t10 Minutes = 1 hour training in the gym
  • tTones muscles and tightens skin
  • tMinimize lower back and joint pain
Keeping fit just got easier!

Do you long for better fitness, better mobility and a toned body but find it hard to make time? Or perhaps you’re held back by physical limitations, back or knee problems?

No problem, (thanks to the WBV-3000) simply stand upon the vibration plate, choose your program, and let the machine do the workout for you.


The WBV-3000 is not comparable to normal vibration machines on the market. The WBV-3000 is an oscillating vibration machine, which means…

OTO Body Cruncher


  • tImprove weight loss, muscle toning
  • tConvenient for home use
  • tOne Year Guarantee
Reduce stress, enhance overall health!

The OTO Cruncher’s innovation is in its breakthrough design. This device transforms and reverses a crunch or sit-up, into one smooth easy movement. It is an effective cardiovascular workout that contracts the abdominal muscles, squeezes your butt and hips, and clenches up muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest.

The OTO Cruncher can be easily folded up into a slim size and stored away. Moving it is also a breeze, with castor wheels that allow you to roll it around.


OTO Cyber Indulge


  • t5 massage modes
  • t4 Partial Auto Programs
  • tManual programming with customizable speed
A massage chair with the longest reach

A massage chair with the longest reach, the OTO CYBER Indulge takes you further with its innovative technology
of the longest rollers.

It massages your head, neck, lower back and bum in one blissfully long, continuous stretch, releasing knots and penetrating acupuncture points to relieve stress and fatigue, while toning the hard-to-reach bum area at the same time.


OTO Power Foot


  • tFlexible calf positioning
  • tTri-action that massages the calves, ankles, and feet
  • t3 automatic massage programs
For the health of your feet!

Most of us spend 25% of our waking hours standing, walking, or otherwise being upright, inevitably subjecting our feet to a great deal of stress and pressure.

The OTO Power Foot, developed between OTO and Philips, is a unique massager specially designed to give you the most comprehensive and satisfying massage from your knees and calves all the way to your ankles, toes and soles.


OTO Cyber Wave


  • t5 targeted air pressure programs
  • t9 auto programs
  • t6 massage modes
Achieve 360-degree enjoyment

The OTO Cyber Wave belongs to a new class of massage chair which seamlessly blends design, technology, intelligent stretching and complete relaxation, bringing you into an unparalleled experience in reflexology.

Redefine massage with the CYBER Wave’s 9 auto programs, 6 massage modes, 5 targeted air pressure programs, 2 zero gravity positions, 4 massage “hands” and 48 strategically placed air bags.


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